The most amazing art... EVER!!! I just had to share :D
Yeah, I'm not on here much anymore, but I had to share this amazing piece of art that Dena Gray did for me.  She is not only an awesome artist, but she's a great writer as well (check out her WIP Lioness Loricatus on if you get a chance.)

Anyway... I sent her a picture of my kids in their Hogwarts costume, and this is what she was able to do with it.


Is this not awesome???

Hello? Is there anyone here? *hears only crickets*
Several times I have planned on closing my lj account.  My last two posts weren't read or commented on by anyone, and I really feel, for the most part, that this is just a waste of time and space.  I had a very long, very emotional post a few months ago that was not commented on even once... and after feeling like a fool, I deleted it a few days later.  Most of the people I am friends with on here, I am friends with on either my personal FB page or my writing one (my writing one is NK Writes if you want to look it up... but there are no story updates at this time.)

Then I realised I do need this page for the promptfest and newbies fest, so I am going to keep it, I guess.

Anyway, if you are one of the (very) few (if any) reading this, I can be found on fb since I am most likely not going to keep posting much here.

Yeah, I'm not here much anymore.  Actually, I'm not anywhere much anymore.  I've not had much time to read or write lately, and this is how I spent most of my sunday.


Yep... not even 3 years old and she is now sporting stiches.

And this is just a sample of how crazy everything has been the past few months.

I've finally gotten my promptfest fic about 1/2 done, and am going to try to find time to work on my WIP in the next few weeks.


Do I hear crickets? Why yes, I think I do...
Its so quiet around here, and I'm sure it is because everyone is stalking the promptfest page and claiming their prompts (right?right?).  Seriously, I wasn't going to do it this time around, but some gentle prompting by teddyradiator and jenidralph convinced me to give it another shot.

I offered my prompts, then considered myself done.  There was only one prompt out of 200+ that appealed to me, and after convincing myself not to do it, I finally decided to mull it over, and do it... only if that one prompt was still available.  It must be fate, because it was there... and now its mine.  The prompt reminded me of some of my earlier writing... some of my own favorite stories that I had written.  And it called to me.

And next topic...

A little brag about myself and my kids.

Several months ago, I happened to find some brown pinstriped fabric on clearance at Walmart for $1 a yard.  And there was exactly 2 1/2 yards, so she charged me $2 since there wasn't a whole yard.  I knew instantly that I could make my son a Tenth Doctor costume for Halloween with the awesome fabric.  One small problem, though.

I don't sew.

Or I guess I should say, I didn't sew.  In a matter of a few days, I taught myself to sew and basically made my own patterns (after finding out that a suit pattern would cost almost $20.)  After two weeks of non-stop work, cursing and crying... here is the finished result (along with a recycled HP outfit for the princess.)


I will never take on a project that difficult ever again.  (I say that now...)

Anyway, enough bragging, I guess.  I have a prompt I need to start writing...

Just like getting back on a bike... isn't that the saying?
I've finally had a bit of writing inspiration hit me.  Nothing major, but I finally had the dialogue for the latest chapter of A Change In Circumstances fall into place, and I've been writing as quickly as I can get to it before I forget (I am 40... it's amazing how quickly it can leave me.)  I'd really hoped to get it up by Monday, and now it might have to wait two weeks since I start jury duty on Monday.  Criminal court... yay, me...

I wanted to thank teddyradiator and araeofsomething for the gentle nudge to get me to post on the grangersnape100 page here on lj.  I really think that spurred my creativity a bit, and maybe gave my muse a light kick in the pants.

Anyway, its been crazy for me the past couple of months.  With school being out, I have all three of my kids full-time, and keeping them from being bored (and not to mention they range in age from 2 to 12) isn't an easy task.  So when I do have time to write, I'm usually too tired to accomplish it.

And now I'm waiting for hubby to get home with the oldest, who had been away at Boy Scout camp fort the past week.  After waiting more than an hour, he finally called me to let me know the SUV broke down on the interstate with a flat tire, and the 11am pickup time depends on when AAA can get there and change the flat.  I think my oldest child is a bad luck magnet, I really do.

My first meme... at least I think so. (40 and I'm already forgetting stuff...) A-Z meme...
Stolen from tychesong (who has an awesome page... check her out!)

A-Age: 40 (as of last month).  Yikes?  I'm really 40 now?
B-Bed size: Queen
C-Chore you hate: Most of them?  Probably putting away laundry the most, followed by the dreaded toy pick-up
D-Dogs' names: I don't have dogs, but two cats named Quincy and Katie
E-Every morning: Listen to my knees pop as I go down the stairs.  It's lovely and quite musical...
F-Favorite color: green
G-Gold or silver: Silver, the exception being my wedding set (bought when gold was still 'in')
H-Height: 5'4"
I-Instrument you play: Clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax
J-Job title: Jack of all trades AKA domestic goddess AKA stay-at-home-mom.  And occassionally freelance photography.
K-Kisses or hugs: Other than hubby, hugs.  Hubby... kisses, definately.
L-Home: Cape Cod with 5 bedrooms (need em' all with 3 kids) 3 bathrooms
M-Mood: anxious?  Jury duty coming up, enough said...
N-Nicknames: Bear, and every version of 'mom, mama, mommy' that there is
O-surgeries that you've had:  3 c-sections and endometreosis removal (it did ask... just being honest, here...)
P-Pet peeves: toilet lid left up.  With 3 boys in the house (and yes, I include hubby), it gets on my nerves
Q-Quote from a movie: Really?  trying to remember a movie line in the morning?  not happening... sorry...
R-Right or left handed: right
S-Siblings: one younger sister (2 years), one younger brother (6 years)
T-Time you wake up: 7:30-ish if I don't have to set an alarm
U-Underwear: hipsters
V-Vegetable you dislike: most of them?  I honestly really only like green beans :)
X-X-rays you've had: too many to remember them all.  Mainly teeth, but right shoulder, left leg, and chest.
Y-Yummy food you make: Cakes, cupcakes and chicken casserole
Z-Zoo favorite: Penguins.  A given considering I was a zookeeper and took care of... you guessed it... penguins.

In other news... I'm still around, just in uninspired-lack of a muse land right now.  I promise I've not abandoned A Change In Circumstances.  I just don't want to write until it is something GOOD and inspired.

Now back to the real world where my 12 year old son just painted the 6 year old son's fingernails orange.  With an orange sharpie.  Yikes....

Whew... what a relief!
I can say with confidence that I finished my sshg_promptfest fic, and submitted it with a whole two days to spare!  Not a long fic, but I'm still proud of my 4100-ish words.  I literally couldn't have done it without my awesome alpha/beta team (April, Melissa, and Bonnie).

I'm going to take today off... from writing, that is.  I will be hard working assembling Sam's new bed and getting his Outer Space theme going in his room.  Then back to writing tomorrow with A Change In Circumstances.  (Those who are still reading after this long a break... I thank you for your patience.)

Toodles, everyone...

Err... sorry?
I just realised I promised to post updates to my lj account about my WIP status.  Whoops!  I think I am failing at that, lol.

So... A Change In Circumstances is taking a mini-break/backseat to my promptfest fic, which hopefully will be in my beta's hands within the next couple of days.  Then I can get back to my WIP.  Well, assuming my kids don't drive me batty since school will be out on Wednesday.

On another note, today I am 40.  So far, 40 doesn't feel much different than 39.  I just hope it stays that way...

Most eventful couple of days... not in a good way
I got to experience the not-so-fun thrill of a hospital stay.  Especially surprising since it started off as a stomach virus.  Unknown to me, you can literally bust a gut with a tummy bug.  Or I guess to be more accurate, rupture your esophagus from violent vomitting.

The ER visit turned into a two day stay when they couldn't find/stop the bleeding, and I had to leave my 2 year old for more than a night for the first time ever.  I don't know who it was worse on, me or her, after talking to my mom and MIL (who took care of my kids.)

I'm so thankful to finally be back home, even with all the new dietary and lifestyle restrictions.  Apparently, a GI bleed can be fatal, and people tend to ignore them too often.  I'm glad I went with my gut (literally) and had hubby take me to the ER.

The funny thing, after all of this, was that I was finally going to get back to my writing this week, and now my arms are killing me because the phlebotomists literally blew most of the veins in both my arms and hands.  They are black and blue and very sore.  I can only type in small spurts at the moment.

So my beloved sshg will have to wait at least a couple of days, but on the other hand, I am SO glad to be home...

Feeling like death at the moment...
Well, I had hoped to successfully dodge the awful stomach bug that has invaded snapefan's house, but either it has finally caught up to me, or my gallbladder has once again decided to wreck havoc with my GI system.   Not fun in general, but tomorrow is the start of my kids spring break, and we have a picture appointment at 10:40am to boot.  Yay, me.

Don't even get me started on my WIP.  I had planned on working on it over the break, and now I just want to lay on a heating pad and die.  Seriously.  This sucks.

So I apologise to those waiting for an update for A Change In Circumstances.  Hopefully I can get to it within a day or two.  Gah, I'd rather be doing anything other than being somewhat tethered to my bathroom.


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